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Getting Started

UsenetRocket makes accessing the USENET easy! Our custom version of NewsBin Pro makes getting started a snap. Simply install the software and enter your username and password to get started. Check out the NewsBin Pro tutorials to discover the really cool features and how-to's of NewsBin Pro. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section answers most questions asked by our members and those interested in joining UsenetRocket. If you still have questions, our incredible support team is available to help.

USENET Checklist!

1. Your UsenetRocket Account
2. Install news reader - Download now
3. Read How to find what you want!
4. A bigger hard disk!

The Basics

1. Sign up with UsenetRocket Click here

2. Configure your news reader

You can use any news reader to access UsenetRocket. Click here for a list of the most popular choices. No matter which news reader you decide to use, they all need the following to connect to UsenetRocket.

Server: news2.usenetrocket.com
username: ur__________
password: **********
Authentication: required
Need a news reader? Download UsenetRocket's version of NewsBin Pro. This version includes a 10 day evaluation period, easy setup process for our members, and automatic discount when you purchase your own NewsBin Pro license. Read more

3. Download the list of newsgroups

UsenetRocket now has over 66,000 newsgroups, with more added each week. For a list of the most popular newsgroups, take a look at our Rocket Stats page.

4. Download newsgroup headers

This is equivalent to downloading new email message headers. As new articles are downloaded and combined into messages or files, you start to see the real value of the USENET. You can find anything stored digitally on the USENET! Some newsgroups contain several million headers. Take a look at our How to find what you want! page for useful search tips.

5. Download. Download. Download.

Still have questions? Contact the UsenetRocket Support team. Click here

USENETRocket Advantage

Longer Retention
Industry leading retention levels. More to download.

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