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What is USENET?

The Usenet is the largest bulletin board in the world and older than the world wide web itself. Originally set up to allow academics and others in specialized fields to engage in group discussions with their peers across the globe. The Usenet has evolved into an uncensored system of exchanging vitually anything that can be transmitted between computers - text messages and binary files. UsenetRocket.com makes available tens of thousands of newsgroups. This number continues to grow as the Usenet experiences explosive growth. There is a newsgroup for every imaginable topic. Discussions of current topics, political debates, pictures, music, software, and even full length multimedia movies are traded by people all over the world.

Usenet functions a lot like email. Except that instead of addressing messages to an individual, they are addressed to a newsgroup based on a specfic topic. Anyone wishing to read or post messages (or download files) in a particular newsgroup, does so by connecting to a Usenet server across an internet connection. A newsreader program is needed on the user’s computer to read articles and download attached files. You “subscribe” to a group by telling the software in your own computer to check the messages in a particular group. Don’t be frightened by the term “subscribe.” The term subscribe is the same as bookmarking the newsgroup. This makes managing your favorite newsgroups easier. After all, there are tens of thousands of newsgroups available to UsenetRocket.com members.

The Usenet is a great source of news and information for users in countries that continuely censor news. Although many ISPs offer "free" access to newsgroups, these ISPs do not provide access to all of the newsgroups. Most ISPs do not provide access to alt.binaries newsgroups. These newsgroups are among the most popular these days. UsenetRocket.com offers access to every active newsgroup, even the uncensored and controversial newsgroups. The Usenet remains uncensored because there is no "central" Usenet server for authorities to censor or filter. The Usenet is made up of thousands of servers interconnected in order to exchange text and binary articles. These articles are made available on the individual servers for users to read. The lack of centralization has protected the Usenet from the legal attacks like the ones that destroyed Napster!

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