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UsenetRocket greatly appreciates all of our members. As a way to thank our members, we created truely valuable reward programs offering something everyone can use - FREE bandwidth! With our new Loyalty Bonus and Rollover Gigs our members have the opportunity to earn FREE bandwidth every month! Your FREE bandwidth is added to your UsenetRocket BonusGig account. With UsenetRocket BonusGigs, you decide when to use the FREE bandwidth you have earned.

BonusGigs are managed through the UsenetRocket Control Panel. When you have used all of your monthly bandwidth, add bandwidth from your BonusGig account. BonusGigs are added to your Remaining Bandwidth instantly. This allows our monthly download plan members to add FREE bandwidth once the monthly quota is reached, instead of instantly renewing the account and starting a new billing period.

If you have any questions regarding UsenetRocket BonusGigs, visit our FAQ page or contact the UsenetRocket support group.

Additional Information
UsenetRocket Loyalty Bonus Program
UsenetRocket Rollover Gigs Program

Rocket Quick Facts
  • Excellent completion
  • Longer rentention
  • Free header downloads
  • 100% Uncensored
  • No speed limits
  • No download logs
  • Anonymous & FREE uploads
  • and more!

USENETRocket Advantage

100% Uncensored
No filters. No limits.
Download anything you want!

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