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USENET - The Ultimate File Sharing Service

Download thousands of MP3s, movies, pictures, games, applications, and other software without the hassles of less reliable file sharing tools like Kazaa, BitTorrent, eMule, or eDoneky.

USENETRocket offers very fast, anonymous and uncensored access to everything USENET has to offer - the ultimate file sharing service. Simple to use software eliminates the hassles once associated with USENET use.

Advantages over file exchanges such as Kazaa, BitTorrent, eMule, or eDonkey:

Enterprise Grade Environment
Our servers run non-stop, with redundant servers and multiple high-speed bandwidth providers to ensure always-on availability.

Faster Downloads
Experience no speed limit downloads. Get the full use of your high-speed Internet connection allows.

Privacy Protection
100% anonymous access to thousands of uncensored files. No one has access to the files on your computer.

Easy USENET Searches
Let UsenetRocket show you just how easy it is to find what you want on USENET. Click here.

More Downloads
Access to USENET's enormous storage archive: Terabytes of data available at all times, with over 1000 Gigabytes of new files added daily.
  • Movies: USENET has an enormous selection of movie content you can download when you want, without having to deal with the slow and unreliable P2P download process. UsenetRocket's high speed servers and bandwidth let you download as fast as your connection allows; with P2P your download speed is decided by someone else.
  • Music: Fill your MP3 player with the Internet's largest collection of MP3s. Pick from all types of music, such as trance, ambient, classic rock, hip-hop, jazz, classical, comedy, internation beat, and more. If anyone is listening to it, you can hear it from USENET.
  • Adult Content: USENET is a far better source for adult content than P2P. Everything is categorized in easy to understand newsgroups for easy browsing, full of images and movies for every interest. Download real files, not fakes or viruses!

Easy USENET Access
Experienced support staff and valuable how-to's make accessing the USENET a breeze. Sign up and start downloading files in minutes!

Create your account today!

USENETRocket Advantage

Are you using Kazaa, BitTorrent, or eDonkey?
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