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Acceptable Use Policy

The UsenetRocket Acceptable Use Policy outlines acceptable usage of your UsenetRocket account, describes what we consider to be abuse of our services, and details the procedures we follow in investigating reports of abuse.

Although we wish to extend every possible consideration to our customers, UsenetRocket will immediately and decisively with instances of clear abuse of our service, to include suspension of posting or account termination.

By signing up and/or using your UsenetRocket account, you agree to abide by this policy and to keep updated on changes, since this policy may change at any time. This Acceptable Use Policy should be considered as part of the Terms of Service for your UsenetRocket account.

UsenetRocket wishes to offer a flexible service that will meet the needs of our customers. We do not wish to regulate or censor our customers in any way. We do feel an obligation, however, to encourage appropriate use of our service and proper use of the newsgroups, to the mutual benefit of everyone that uses them.

Reasonable Use Policy
UsenetRocket would like for all of its customers to have reasonable use of its service. To that end, UsenetRocket may curtail unreasonable usage of Unlimited accounts in order to ensure the best possible service for all customers. UsenetRocket's Unlimited account does not constitute a dedicated connection. If a customer appears to be unable to maintain a reasonable use of the service, UsenetRocket may cancel, suspend, or decline to renew service for that customer without notice. It is within UsenetRocket's sole discretion to determine what comprises unreasonable use.

All Personal accounts may be used for the subscribers personal use only. These accounts should be used by the owner of the account only, and there should only be one concurrent login session (up to eight connections from the same IP address) at any time. You may NOT use a personal account to feed a news server or news caching server. Any such use will be grounds for immediate account termination. Failure to comply with this regulation is in direct conflict with the Terms & Conditions which every customer should have read and agreed to.
The following uses are prohibited:
* Sharing a login between people
* Simultaneous logins from multiple IP addresses
* Connecting from a proxy of any kind
* Using DNEWS, NetCache, or any other multi-access caching system
* Excessive download volume

Each newsgroup can be considered as a separate "community", where those who regularly use the newsgroup have standards for what is appropriate and what is not. These standards can vary from one group to the next. Many groups have written charters and FAQs that reflect a consensus of those who regularly use the newsgroup. You should always read posts in a newsgroup to learn what is considered appropriate before posting to that newsgroup.

The Internet is a global computer network which is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds. At UsenetRocket we would like every customer to have the best Internet experience possible; however, we do not wish it to be at other customers' expense. When communicating with people on the Internet, it is best to keep in mind that there is another person on the other end of the computer that you are communicating with. Please treat others with the same respect as you would like to be treated.
The content of USENET newsgroups is not regulated by UsenetRocket; therefore, UsenetRocket is not liable for their contents. By its very nature, Usenet groups may carry very offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate material, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise deceptive. We expect that you will use caution and common sense and exercise proper judgment when using Usenet. Please do not contact the administrators regarding inflamatory posts, etc.
Almost every country has copyright laws. UsenetRocket cannot and does not review the information flowing through or stored on our system. When you become a UsenetRocket customer, you are agreeing not to transfer or store copyrighted works on our system without the permission of the copyright holder. UsenetRocket does not condone nor support people posting copyrighted or illegal content to Usenet. If you discover an article that contains any copyrighted or illegal content please email
Commercial Posts
Commercial posts are frowned upon in many newsgroups. Most groups do not welcome contributions from a business or commercial website. If you are attempting to sell goods or services, please make sure you do so in the proper forums (*.forsale, business groups, etc.).
Pyramid Schemes/Chain Letters
According to United States law, chain letters and pyramid schemes are illegal. Almost all "make money fast", "get rich quick", and "multilevel marketing" offers fall into this category. If you are found to be posting these to the newsgroups, your account will be terminated.

Posting Off-Topic
Please make sure your post is on-topic. Nearly every newsgroup has a stated topic or acceptable range of topics for posting or discussion. Posting something that does not belong in that newsgroup, as indicated by its charter or FAQ is against general USENET Etiquette. Posting off topic material in large volume or with apparent malicious intent will lead to immediate account termination.
Binary Posts
Certain newsgroups are specifically designated as allowing binary files to be posted, and some are designated for binary posts only. It is well accepted all over Usenet that binary files will be posted only in designated groups. Posting of binaries or text articles inappropriately, regardless of whether explicitly stated in a newsgroup charter or FAQ will bring your account under review for possible termination.
Spam is the repeated posting of articles to inappropriate newsgroups. UsenetRocket does not tolerate spam in any form. UsenetRocket has a zero-tolerance spam policy. You agree to not spam, and you agree to avoid heavy repetitive posting, as that may look like spam. If you are determined to have spammed, you will be charged $100 per message as a clean-up fee, plus any collections and/or attorney's fees incurred in the collection of this fee. In addition, your account will be canceled immediatly, and all reasonable efforts will be made by UsenetRocket to prevent you from using our network anytime thereafter.

Although there is no single, precise definition of spam, and there are differing opinions on what constitutes spam, we will consider the following when reviewing complaints:
Repetitive Posting
Posting the same thing repeatedly in one or more newsgroups will usually be considered spam, regardless of the content.

Commercial Posts
Commercial posts are frowned upon in nearly every newsgroup. Most groups do not welcome contributions from a business or commercial website.

Promotional Posts
Promoting a business, a website, or an organization will usually be considered as spam, in nearly every newsgroup. This can even include inviting visitors to a 'personal', 'public service', or charitable website.
'For Sale' Groups
Most groups with 'forsale' in the group name are meant for individuals to exchange information about items they are selling or wish to purchase. Many of these groups are 'local' to a geographical area. Most of these groups do not welcome posts from businesses or about items for sale on an auction site, such as eBay. Be certain that your posts to these groups will be welcomed by those who use these newsgroups.

A few binary newsgroups, such as certain music groups, encourage posting to more than one group at the same time, as long as the content is appropriate to each newsgroup. The majority of binary groups and almost all text groups, however, discourage any form of crossposting. Please consider that a thread in a text group may begin as appropriate to two newsgroups, but followups may soon become "off topic" in one of the groups.

Trolling is the practice of maliciously trying to incite others that use a newsgroup, to deviate from the stated topic of the group. In other words, trolling is an attempt to anger others to the point of drawing them into an argument or an off topic debate. UsenetRocket does not tolerate trolling and will terminate service of those abusing the service in this manner.

Altered Headers
Falsifying header lines to obscure the originating server, to attribute a post to someone else, to falsely indicate moderator approval, or to make an original post look like a followup are serious abuses of our service and will result in immediate account termination.

Other Abuse Situations
The UsenetRocket abuse staff has a great deal of experience with newsgroups, as individual users, ourselves. That extensive experience will allow us to reach an equitable determination in situations that do not fall into any of the explicit categories detailed above.
Abuse Reports
Reports of abuse can be sent to

To properly address incidents of spam or other abuse through UsenetRocket servers, we will need full article headers in order to investigate reports of abuse originating on our servers.

When we receive a valid abuse report about a UsenetRocket customer, our staff will take immediate action, as we feel necessary to ensure posting of the abusive material will cease. This may include suspension of posting on the account where the posts originated, pending investigation of the report.

If it is clear to our staff that someone has signed up for UsenetRocket service for the sole purpose of abusing our service, the account will be terminated immediately without notice or refund.

Other complaints will be reviewed by our abuse staff. Each member of our abuse staff will consider the circumstances of the posting, the newsgroup to which it was posted, and the number of complaints received about the posting. In certain cases, we may consider whether there was a malicious intent apparent in the abusive posting. In addition to other factors, our staff will evaluate whether the subject posting is consistent with the kind of service we have chosen to offer to consumers. Our abuse staff almost always operates on a consensus basis.

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