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How to find what you want!

USENET has always been an incredible source for file sharing and downloading binaries. USENET still beats peer-to-peer solutions in terms of reliability, speed, and privacy. The main drawback to using USENET is the lack of quick and easy searches for what you want.

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The Old Way

In the past, retrieving information from USENET was the tricky part. When looking for a specific file or movie, you had to download headers for newsgroups of interest, such as alt.binaries.dvd. With over 1000 Gigabytes of new files added daily, many of UsenetRocket's alt.binaries newsgroups have millions of headers. While downloading a single header takes up an insignificant amount of time, downloading a few million headers can be very time consuming. Not to mention the frustration of downloading a few million headers and still not finding the file or movie you want. Luckily, there is a better way!

The UsenetRocket Way: Quick & Easy USENET Searches

To solve the lack of search-abilty problem associated with USENET posts, several sites have developed clever ways to index USENET posts. More on these sites below. These sites allow you to quickly and easily search for the file or movie you want. Not only do you get the newsgroup in which this file is posted to, but you can also get a file containing the specific headers needed, the .NZB file. This way you do not have to download the millions of headers from the newsgroup containing the file or movie you want!

Introducing NZB files

NewzBin created the standard format for NZB files. This allows you to use NZB files with newsreaders such as NewsBin Pro and many others. NZB files contain only the headers specific to the file/post you want to download.

With UsenetRocket & NewsBin Pro, downloading from USENET has never been easier. Using USENET indexing sites, one simply has to enter a search term, such as "Beethoven", and a list of posts containing the search term appears, including the newsgroup name, subject information, and age of the post. More importantly, you can download the NZB file, import it in your newsreader, and it will automatically download only the specific headers needed to download the post you want. Using NZB files means no more time wasted downloading millions of headers.

Make sure you view our NewsBin Pro tutorial on using NZB files. Click here.

Our Favorite NZB Sites

NewzBin.com - AWESOME nzb download site. Free searches. Sign up for Premium membership to download nzb files, approx $0.50 per week.

NewzMonster.com - GREAT free site. Supported by individual users like you.

For a complete list of NZB resources, click here.

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