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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UsenetRocket maintains a robust FAQ page. Most support questions and service inquiries are answered here. To view the FAQ page, click here.

Email Support

To reach the UsenetRocket support team, send your email to or complete one of the following contact forms. A confirmation email will be sent with your ticket ID.

General inquiries, click here.
Billing related questions, click here.
Technical support issues, click here.

Common Errors

Q.) I lost my username and password.
A.) Click here to recover your account information.

Q.) I keep getting a "502 Authentication Error" message. What does this mean?
A.) The most common reason for this is an incorrect username/password or your account is Expired. Verify you are using the correct username/password combination. Copy and paste these from your Order Confirmation Email sent to you after placing your order. Log into the UsenetRocket Control Panel to verify the status of your account.

Q.) I can not post Usenet messages. How do I enable posting?
A.) Posting is disabled by default on all accounts. Use the UsenetRocket Control Panel to enable posting for your account.

Q.) How many connections to UsenetRocket are permitted?
A.) UsenetRocket allows up to 8 high-speed connections.

Q.) When is my bandwidth updated every day?
A.) The update window is midnight to 1am EST.

USENETRocket Advantage

100% Uncensored
No filters. No limits.
Download anything you want!

Member Feedback

"Thanks Jon, I signed up already and it's what I was hoping it would be. Fast. Great
Retension. Thanks Again." DD

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