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Downloading from UsenetRocket has never been easier. Below are a few of thebetter NZB sources available. Some require paid subscriptions while others are free. The main reason a site implements a payment system is support the enormous costs to run a large, interactive site - ie servers and bandwidth. So, the larger sites tend to require paid subscriptions and the newer, less active sites are free. Either way, there is no reason not to find what you want on the USENET now!

Pay NZB Sites
Free NZB Sites
NZB Newsgroups

newzbin.com - Recommended newzmonster.com - Recommended alt.binaries.ftn.nzb
binnews.com - Recommended nzbzone.com - Recommended alt.binaries.ftd.nzb
dvdrs.net alt.binaries.nl alt.binaries.nzb
ngindex.com binsearch.info alt.binaries.dvdrs.nzb

nzbsrus.com alt.binaries.nzb-files

tvnzb.com alt.binaries.dvdr.nzb

nfonews.com alt.binaries.nzb-files.multimedia

newsreactor.net alt.binaries.nzb-files.games

nzb-world.com alt.binaries.nzb-files.iso

Note: New sites are started each week. If you come across a new NZB resource, let us know and we'll take a look.
** Binnews.com offers free USENET index search for UsenetRocket members!

Pay NZB Sites

NewzBin.com - The Ultimate Usenet Binaries Index
An easy to use, easy to search index of the newsgroups. The formatted posts are free to browse, but a premium option is available for those who wish to use the advanced features. Advanced features range from account preferences, usenet post alerts, downloading NZBs, to being sent a daily summary of today's postings. Newzbin is now storing 50 days worth of NZB files, well over 77k NZBs! Newzbin is one of the best priced site around. Sign up for the advanced features for $0.50 a week. Well worth the price!

Categories: Anime, Apps, Books, Consoles, Emulation, Games, Misc, Movies, Music, PDA, TV, XXX

Go ahead, browse a few of the categories. You'll be shocked at how
easy it is to download from UsenetRocket now!

Binnews.com - Premium Usenet Binary Indexing
Binnew is one of the more expensive NZB sites around. Monthly subscription is $5.50. You must be a member to even search for NZB files. That said, Binnews is top notch! Not as well known or discussed in forums are the other sites mentioned here, but Binnews always has a steady flow of NZBs available. Binnews also has many advanced features available to their members, such as daily email alerts, monitoring of newsgroups, and lots more. Their community forum is one most active around. The search interface is nicely designed and easy to use. It does have a few quirks, but nothing you can not work around. A great source for NZB files to say the least.
Categories: Adult, Anime, Apps, Audio, Consoles, Emulation, Games, Handhelds, Movies, Other, Other OS, TV
Live Binnews.com search: MP3 DVD XBOX
UsenetRocket Members: Search Binnews.com using your own keywords. Log into the UsenetRocket Control Panel for more details. Don't forget to claim your FREE 15 day trial voucher as well. Sign up today

Free NZB Sites

NewzMonster.com - Feel The Roar!
Great site for collecting your favorite nzb file. Unlike many other free sites, NewzMonster.com does not require registration to download nzb files. The design is simple and very easy to use. The frontpage displays the 50 most recent NZBs. All in a clear to read format. NewzMonster offers a new technology for automatically collecting USENET headers, unlike anything used by the other sites. As the process is improved, NewzMonster could become the absolute BEST source for NZBs.

NZBzone was one of the first sites to offer NZBs for free and maintain a strong database with constant stream of uploads. NZBzone has probably one of the largest NZB databases available along with a fantastic presentation and easy to use system. They have over 3300 members. So expect the wide selection of NZBs posts to keep coming. NZBzone now has a 800 connection limit and has implemented a donation system to help cover the cost to run the site. Donate and you bypass the 800 connection limit. HINT: I've read a $5 donation is enough to get access bypassing the connection limit.

NZB Newsgroups

While there are number of NZB related newsgroups, these are not as popular as the above sites. As a result, the number of NZBs posted to the groups is small. Another limiting factor is that posts in the newsgroup can not be placed into any catagory and there is no automatic search method, such as with NewzBin and Binnews. If nothing else, the NZB newsgroups offer another source for your favorite NZB files.

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