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Fast, Easy Downloads at One Low Price
So what? There are lots of file sharing services available, right? Let us fill you in on what you've found. The USENET is the most abundant source of digital downloads available. You've found the secret to getting just about anything you want, or need. The USENET is tens of thousands of global newsgroups on every imaginable subject to read or post messages to, software, games, movies, pictures, numerous discussion groups and so much more. UsenetRocket makes finding what you want on USENET super easy! Learn how.

Free uploads and headers. Sharing makes USENET grow
USENET is also the place to share your artistic creations with others around the world, from your favorite pictures, movies, latest political rant, art, software applications, and anything else you can imagine. UsenetRocket makes sharing easy and affordable. It's free! We do not limit your uploads so you can upload any and everything you have. We also offer free headers downloads for our members, so you can browse what others have posted from around the world.

The MEGA Information Source.. Under One Roof!
We over 66,000 newsgroups on every topic imaginable, you'll find something of interest to read, post, share, or download every day. It's this variety and wealth of information that makes USENET so great! Stop searching various P2P sources or websites for what you want. It's all right here in USENET!

It's Completely Private
Access USENET in complete privacy with UsenetRocket. We don't track your downloads. Share with others around the world with anonymous posting.

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Why USENET and Why UsenetRocket?

UsenetRocket is processing over 1000 Gigabytes in new files every day! This means more movies, games, pictures, software, and discussion groups for you.

No Speed Limit Downloads
We do not limit your download speeds. Download as fast as your internet connection allows. With P2P services, your download speed is controlled by someone else. With UsenetRocket you download from high-speed servers, using multiple gigE bandwidth connections.

Longer Retention
One of the best retention rates in the industry. This means files are available for download longer. Download when you want and never miss a new post again.

Better Completion
Over 99% completion rates across all binary groups. Always Fast. Always Complete.

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Need more info?
For more information on UsenetRocket take a look at our FAQ page or contact our Support Team.
Don't forget with UsenetRocket you get:
  • Uncensored access to all available newsgroups
  • Over 1000 Gigabytes of new files every day
  • Free movies, games, pictures, music, software and much more
  • Unbeatable support from our Support Team

Join UsenetRocket and start browsing the largest anonymous community on the Internet. Newsgroups on every topic imaginable are waiting for you. Click here to see our serivce plans.

USENETRocket Advantage

More Security
No one has access to your computer or files!

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"Thanks Jon, I signed up already and it's what I was hoping it would be. Fast. Great
Retension. Thanks Again." DD

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