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USENETRocket Advantage

  • No setup fee!
  • Instant activation
  • No speed limits
  • Member control panel
  • 100% Anonymous uploads & downloads
  • Always FREE uploads
  • High-speed connections
  • 1000s of new files every day!
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USENETRocket Performance Stats

Groups  Completion  Retention
 Multi-part Binaries
  370+ Days
 Single-part Binaries
  370+ Days
30 High Speed Connections!

Your #1 source for digital music,
movies, pictures, software, and more!

New services and trial period at UsenetRocket.com!

  • SSL included with every account
  • Up to 30 concurrent connections
  • 10 Day/10GB trial period with every account

UsenetRocket offers a variety of service plans to meet your specific usage needs. Whether you only access text newsgroups or you are an extreme binary downloader, UsenetRocket has a service plan for you! No other service provider offers as many service plans as UsenetRocket. Our plans include: Unlimited, Monthly, and the only Pay-As-You-Go USENET access service plan available.
Click here to learn more about our service plans.

Service Plan Quota
Monthly Cost

Unlimited Download Service Plan
Sign up for Unlimited plan

Monthly Download Service Plans
6 GB
Sign up for 6GB/month plan
10 GB
Sign up for 10GB/month plan
15 GB
Sign up for 15GB/month plan
25 GB
Sign up for 25GB/month plan

Pay-As-You-Go Service Plan
6 GB
Sign up for PAYG plan
Start with 6GB of bandwidth. Add additional bandwidth to your account as needed.
This is a NON-RECURRING service plan. Your bandwidth never expires!
Note: Posting is initially disabled to prevent abuse. Contact support to enable posting for your PAYG account.

Rocket Quick Facts
  • Excellent completion
  • Longer rentention
  • Free header downloads
  • 100% Uncensored
  • No speed limits
  • No download logs
  • Anonymous & FREE uploads
  • and more!

USENETRocket Advantage

Longer Retention
Industry leading retention levels. More to download.

Member Feedback

"Thanks Jon, I signed up already and it's what I was hoping it would be. Fast. Great
Retension. Thanks Again." DD

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